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The Old Fire Station - Salford Cresent

The Old Firestation, the beating heart of Salford Crescent’s visionary regeneration, is a celebration of the area’s food and drink heritage. Conceived by the University of Salford with the entire community in mind, the Old Firestation’s bakery, brewery, café and bar have quickly become interwoven with the university’s courses, too.

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Fork’s Jemma Hynes had a key role to play in the pioneering redevelopment of the Old Firestation (OFS) site. As the project’s F&B consultant – from conception to launch – Jemma’s knowledge of placemaking, design and build, food production, catering and hospitality have helped weave the OFS into Salford’s contemporary fabric.

With scant commercial experience in the F&B sector, the university entrusted Jemma and her team to:

Create an operations plan

Develop a conceptual vision for the site

Identify key target markets

Resource and financially optimise the business

Deliver social value

Unlock opportunities in both education and innovation

Ensure the operation delivered key stakeholders’ objectives

“The organisational constraints of universities can make them challenging clients. Projects frequently involve numerous individuals and departments, have complex processes to follow and have multiple layers when it comes to decision-making. Jemma’s role evolved with the project. Having experience across a range of sectors and institutions,  she quickly became our trusted partner, going above and beyond to anticipate and fix problems.”

Mike Brown
Director / Strategic Partnerships

Since opening in July 2023, the Old Firestation has already received significant media coverage.


“From supporting marketing communications to financial planning. The project would not have been a success without her.”

Mike Brown
Director / Strategic Partnerships