About Fork

Led by Jemma Hynes, the visionary founder of FoodSync CIC, the Fork team is a catalyst for change, advancing positive transformations in food systems management by delivering impactful projects and sustainable solutions. With extensive experience, the team offers comprehensive multidisciplinary consultancy including integrating regeneration, economic development, food technology, nutrition, strategic planning, policy formulation and the facilitation of best practices in food-related fields.

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Jemma Hynes managing team at Fork Consulting

30 projects – generating a revenue of more than £1 million – have already been successfully delivered…

Jemma has been instrumental in winning an £0.5m innovation grant for my start-up focused on food innovation, shaping and supporting the vision of the project and navigating the complexity across different stakeholders. She is able to distill insights spanning supply chain, nutrition, business model development, recipe development, academia and policy. She is an asset to navigating food system change – looking forward to years of work together ahead!

The food-led regeneration of Stockport Marketplace and Underbanks that stimulated significant economic growth through the establishment of new businesses, job creation and increased rates income.

The transformative food-led regeneration of Stockport Marketplace and Underbanks has played a crucial role in bolstering the local economy, fostering the development of new enterprises, and generating employment opportunities. This initiative has provided invaluable support to over 100 independent food and drink ventures, resulting in 17 successful new openings in the town and maintaining a 90% success rate over a span of two years. The efforts invested in this project have significantly enriched the community and enhanced the array of food and drink options available locally.

As demonstrated by the 2022 UK Government’s research impact assessment exercise, the work of FoodSync, led by Jemma Hynes, in collaboration with the University of Salford, has been recognized as world-leading and internationally excellent.

This acknowledgment spans the multifaceted endeavours of FoodSync, from fostering high-tech growing in Manchester and expanding urban farming initiatives in Oldham to the formulation of influential food policy boards and beyond. The impact of these pioneering efforts has reverberated internationally, with global leaders adopting best practices and seeking insights from FoodSync’s ground-breaking work.

£8 million of Towns Funding secured through economic modelling for Northern Roots in Oldham. 

Northern Roots is spearheading an ambitious and innovative initiative to develop the UK’s largest urban farm and eco-park on 160 acres of green space in Oldham, Greater Manchester, bolstered by an £8m grant from Towns Funding. A pivotal aspect of this initiative was the detailed economic modelling of more than 50 varied activities spanning food, farming, production, catering, retail, leisure, and hospitality. This strategic analysis aimed to pinpoint the optimal operational model, ensuring a harmonious balance between commercial success, environmental enhancement, and wider social impact.

The work’s impressive results have led to both repeat, multi-project work and referrals for new business. 

Jemma is also a guest lecturer in food systems, sustainability and health with her expertise sought by organisations including Bruntwood, Sainsbury’s and Manchester City Council.